Peter Askew and David’s American Volvo Wizard of 70 which is above has won the RORC Caribbean Trophy in 2019, scoring one of the best times which is corrected under the well-known IRC. Wizard put in a very close performance which was faultless in order to finish the non-stop race which is 600 miles in length in around 43 hours + 38 minutes and around 44 seconds.

“This is the maiden time that we have completed this race in order to win it completely is beyond our expectations,” said David Askew. “It is a race all of us have cherished and we always desired to remain in Antigua, but we wanted to be in the boat to do the ocean races which were prestigious; the races that we thought about when we were a young lad. We didn’t expect this, but also we left no stone unturned in practice so that we can give our best. I am astonished, and can’t really believe that we have accomplished it.”

Peter Askew also commented, “Really special, outstanding”. Both I and my brother and all the teams of wizard gave us tough competition, so to begin the year with a good victory and part and parcel of our commitment to the series of ocean race of Transatlantic, is just amazing” Askew also confirmed that the upcoming schedule for competition of wizard will also include the race of Transatlantic, the middle sea race of Rolex, and the Fastnet race of the Rolex.

Another competition was decided when Gunboat Chim Chim of John Gallagher elapsed the end time of 2 days and 2 hours and 14 minutes earned the Chim Chim the class victory of MOCRA. Chim Chim basically hails from California’s San Diego and this is the maiden season for the owners in the Caribbean.


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