Siren – The Winner Of Panerai Classic Yacht Regatta

The Narragansett Bay Classic Yacht Rendezvous along with 39th Panerai Newport Classic Yacht Regatta was held on 24th August and it was a grand success. The weather conditions were perfect and Classic Yacht Parade was spectacular. All in all, it finished so perfectly without any hindrances. Post 2 days of racing on Siren, the owner won the Vintage Corinthian Classic division and 39th annual Panerai Newport Classic Yacht Regatta. Besides, the North American Panerai Classic Yacht competitors also qualified for the New York 32 Siren in Vintage Class and 12 Metre Columbia in Grand Prix Class.

The Co-Chair of the 39th Annual Panerai Newport Classic Yacht Parade Jamie Hilton said the regatta is a classic event held in Newport and it’s the 39th year that the event has taken place. It is one of the city’s sailing histories and the Hilton believes in two prime objectives. First one is to offer the world-class experience for owners, fan followers and crew of the boats and then form the regatta is associated with the Classic Yacht regatta of Herreshoff Museum. He was thankful to each and every member who made this event successful. Hilton specially thanked Panerai, the title sponsor and said he was happy to jointly work for the first time.